hi. my name is joseph moore. but everyone calls me joe. i make stuff.‚Äč

i’ve been making stuff since forever. when i was a kid growing up in west virginia, me and a friend always had one project or another going. bad comic book. bad video game. bad band that doesn’t play any instruments. but we were thinking about creating at least. even if badly. this was around 4th grade i think. by the time i was in junior high school i started playing music for real. the band i had (the p’u rens, in case you were wondering) taught me a ton about both trying to make something creative and working with other people. in college i majored in creative writing, after a hasty (but righteous) 180 degree pivot from the pre-med track. i at least got a psychology minor out of all the science courses i started taking the first year. however, it wasn’t until i got out of college that i started really working in a medium other than music.

after school, i got a job as a news producer at a tv station back home. this helped sharpen my communication and writing skill to ridiculous levels. i’ve always been a fan of the hemmingway-esque short brutal style of prose, and learning to write for the news honed that side of my style like crazy. it also gave me a professional level education in (what was at the time) modern video production and broadcast. i worked with video alot, editing and choosing the best footage and stories available. that was probably the most fun thing about being a news producer, the creative control of deciding what people need to see and what’s superfluous. it was also around this time that i started exploring what my computer could do.

i’ve had a computer since i was 8, starting with an old ms-dos 286 with vga monitor. i used to play games off a big ass black floppy disk, man. i know what dir/w means and when and why you’d want the w. i’m originally old school, is what i’m saying. but ironically, it took me half my life to really start to use a computer for what it’s worth. while i was working for the news, thanks to the efforts of a few sharing friends, i started exploring different types of software that helps you make something (after effects. 3d studio max, flash). but it wasn’t until i moved to rio de janeiro and got fed up with teaching esl that started learning to program.

in rio and after when i moved to nyc, i was mostly working in flash, but it didn’t take long for me to transition to proper front end pedagogy. i started with html css and javascript and eventually moved to the back end, learning php, mysql, and a bit of ruby and python. i worked freelance in the city for a few years, worked with several startups, worked at the huffington post for a few years. in 2012, i enrolled in the design + technology mfa program at parsons the new school for design. while there, i’ve expanded my horizons quite a bit, exploring new software (like openframeworks, processing, arduino, max msp), media (woodworking, electronics), and the possibility of bringing what’s good about the digital into our lives in the real world. now i mostly code just for fun, making video games or digital ideas for the web.

this site is a collection of the work i’ve done that i’m most proud of. i hope you enjoy it.

Contact me @ josephrmoore AT gmail DOT com