Portal NES Prototype

Latest build of a NES Portal game.

I wanted an 8-bit version of Portal, so I and some of my friends decided to make it.

The whole thing started with figuring out some of my favorite songs from the game’s music and turning them into chiptunes, but I soon realized I wanted to make an 8-bit version of Portal. Part of the reason why I wanted to make an 8-bit version of Portal is sort of like retro-fitting my past with a game that I came to love much later in life. Of all the games I play, most of my favorites originate on the NES. By making an NES version of Portal I feel like I’m creating the original installment for myself here from the future. Also, I think the affordances of the system make for an interesting challenge, in terms of game design. Not only do we have to find an answer to “What can we do?” with the limitations of the system, but “What would be best to do with this thing?” or even “What is something cool that only this *could* do?”

NES ROM of latest Portal build (in dev)

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